MY FAVORITE BULLET                    June 2008                    Volume VIII                    Issue II
Cover Photo by
Linda Wandt
Justin Hyde
the closest i've come to making love
sometimes when i visited in the summers
we only have the one
our palm coast

Chris Middleman
Thank You Note

Ashley Nuzzi
a 77 year-old man with a hammer

Michael D. Grover
Apartment 307
I Always Was A Sucker For A Tragedy

John Sweet
salt, rust
the myth, reconsidered
some facts

Steve Brightman
All Their Brilliant Semi-Circles

Carl Miller Daniels

James Babbs
I Used to Send Her Poems

Jack T. Marlowe
bang bang

Kurt Remington
A Bad Drive on a Bad Day
Sleeping in the Car

William Taylor Jr.
Strewn About the Days
Mike Whalen
"By Crom!"
That's what she said"

Michael Frissore
The Black Ninja

Andi Kato
A Hard Day at the Candy Factory
Mescaline and Peanut Butter

Eddie Kilowatt
fair trade
cutting out the middleman

Gerard Sarnat
Rat Meditations

Maurice Oliver
A Slick Tool & Vaseline
The "Standby Ticket" Sonnet

Ross Vassilev
rural charm

Daniel S. Irwin

Two Dollars

David LaBounty

A Rend, but not North or South

John A. Grochalski
glass cities

Jason Floyd Williams
broken glass
a dose of magic
a broken city