June 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue Two
Justin Hyde
our palm coast

when i was eleven mellida sanderson cupped my hand into hers
led me to the far edge of the trailer park
to the base of a mulberry tree with large knots that made footholds up to
a flat sturdy branch she called palm coast
because five years ago
before her dad left
he took her and her mom down to florida on a greyhound
oceans she said
with no end and never winter
dad has a house right on the beach and he's working on a room
just for me i'm sure he'll let you come too
he'll teach you to catch fish from the ocean
what we don't eat you can sell to make us money
we put our faces together and touched the tips of our tongues
pinky swear she said holding out her left hand
dad says
pinky swear means more than promise