Justin Hyde
January 2008
the torpedo
the mayoral candidate
at the ice fishing jamboree in blairstown iowa
June 2008
the closest i've come to making love
sometimes when i visited in the summers
we only have the one
our palm coast
October 2008
for the drunken failure he was
merit badges
an elephant hole
July 2009
old man in the gym shower
watching my father walk out of a gas station
in the hospital cafeteria while my son has eye surgery
six pack and a bottle of hawkeye-vodka at the grocery store
February 2010
dennis 36 years
January 2012
Man in a Wheelchair in Front of the VA
Leaning Against a Lamp-Post
Pi-Thagleans Theory
February 2013
red thumb-tack
amortized to infinity
February 2014
she was so gorgeous
after they shot his son in the back
Justin Hyde lives in Iowa, USA.