June 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue Two
Jason Floyd Williams
a broken city.

“This whole town needs its nose
wiped bad.” Mickey Spillane

I’ve been praying for
the victim’s family ever since
I saw it on the news—

There was a fight, two girls,
& one pulled a knife &
stabbed the younger one,
just 15 yrs old, to death.

That’s not the worst part.
Apparently, bystanders tried
to help & they were met
w/ a stun-gun, a billy-club,
& a knife—

the older girl’s relatives, her
grandma, her mom, & her
cousin, carried & used
these weapons on the
Good Samaritans attempting
to help.

The relatives created a perimeter
around the fight until
it ended in the younger
girl’s death.

So I’ve been praying daily
since the news report, &
this morning, while driving
down a Cleveland side street,
this expensive, retro-Mustang
pulls slowly out of its driveway
& cuts me off.

I was sore, so I pushed in my horn
& the driver turned around &
flicked me off.

As the car sped up, I read
the license plate: GraceB2U