June 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue Two
James Babbs
I Used to Send Her Poems

I used to send her poems
before she got married and
decided to move away
when both of us
were different people and
that was years ago
when I lived in another city
we slept together a few times
but it was never serious
just some bad nights when
we didnít want to be alone
I remember
the last time I saw her
we were drinking at
her apartment and
I told her she was beautiful
she got really angry with me
started running around the room
donít fall in love with me
donít you dare fall in love with me
if you fall in love with me
itíll ruin everything between us
and then she was crying
falling into my arms and
I held her
I didnít say anything
just stood there with
my eyes closed listening to
the terrible sounds she made