June 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue Two
Kurt Remington
Sleeping in the Car


Get to a street where the houses aren’t too nice.
But nice still.
Park under the trees.
Turn to the Classical station. Lean the seat back and Turn off the engine.
Toss a rag
Or a pair of underwear
Or the work uniform
Over your eyes,

You would be more comfortable
out of your jeans
You don’t take them off.
You only duck when the cars drive by
        when are these people gonna’ go to bed?!”

And the sky is purple,
And there’s a woman or
A man walking the dog.
You don’t see
Because you’re afraid 
To be seen.

Put the cloth back over your eyes
And roll on your side.
Cross your feet under  The steering wheel.


you’d better fall asleep
before the air
turns cold.