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Linda Wandt
Issue Editor:
Brian Simko
Cover Photo by
Joy Reid
Mather Schneider
Red Death
Point of View
Afternoon Bar
Work Nightmare
Tony R. Meda
Hot, Crabby Afternoon
       in Tucson
Nadia Comaniece...
I'm waiting for her to
                     come over...
Steve Brightman
5:30a.m.- and I am
         ahead of schedule
Maybe someday I'll call her...
Some Mornings
Alice Cone
Casandra Coin
distractions from happiness
A Wound
Response to his poem "This is not the day I had painted"
Memory Devices II-
Paul Brown
Michael Bosau
There she is again...
i went over it again for
the last time...
Raphael in the morning...
i held my soul for ransom...
Kris Fischer
Les Enfants Du Felones
Jason Floyd Williams
Party of One
shrill bark. not described.
report from earth.