May 2003 / Volume Four / Issue Two
NOTE: This poem is divided into 2 parts. Click ">" at the bottom of the page to access the next.
Jason Floyd Williams
report from earth.
for Maddy.

It was a story in Boris Karloff’s
Tales of Mystery
Two aliens- resembling the
mildewed, hornet-children of
divorced lobster parents-
are assigned the task
of investigating our behaviors.

They disguise themselves as
humans with a remoleculizer
and roam the streets,
taking notes.

They came because of Nagasaki
& Hiroshima, but we don’t
disappoint in the
smaller examples:
A blind beggar getting his
tin cup stolen by a thug;
an injured young vet;
a car accident where
the participants get out of
their vehicles & slug each other.

The aliens take off when
a cop wants to question them

about the accident.

After running through some alley-ways,
the alien male realizes he lost
his Z-ball- a small device that
would destroy us all when activated.

Then they see a kid chasin’ ‘em.
She followed them for 10 minutes
to return the Z-ball; and in
doing it- with this one act
of kindness- saved the planet.

You’re that kid.

So that makes me
the alien couple-
(Or at least, the guy alien; pretend
the gal joined the circus).

Instead of having beamed
down for a few hours, garnishing
fresh-notepads &
clean spectacles, I’ve
been here several years:
lost my communicator,
my mission,
my way-
Wandering into each city
like Dave Carradine in
Kung Fu