May 2003 / Volume Four / Issue Two
Kris Fischer
Party of One

I threw a party.
All the saints were there
And Quazimodo too.

It was a happening time.

Weren’t invited
Gad-damned party crashers.

Nietzsche and Kafka come waltzin’ in like they own the place,
Thought I could see that all the rustlin’ robes were making them
a bit nervous.

They plopped right down.

So being the ever smiling hostess that I am
And feeling a wee bit devilish,
I gave them some wine
And then more.
“Take yer shoes off,” I said.

I tried to get Hildegard of Bingen to give them both a blow
But she wasn’t bitin’.
Can’t say that I blame her.

Kafka tried to fuck my cat.
Then he started puking in my azalea.

Nietzsche kept whining about his limp dick.
He thinks too much.
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