May 2003 / Volume Four / Issue Two
Paul Brown
There she is again;.
Tantamount fixture in my merry-go-round.
Spinning off dandelion seeds
I cumber my self with a
future filled with weeds. Like I care.

Having nothing more to say
about slavery or
child pornography
as isn't redundant
or petulant, i spin off
another seed, and know
that tomorrow is another
day of banal existence
through which i must trundle.

Too many i's in this picture show,
i get up and walk away...

Picture postcard of turtles
mingling with penguins
catches my eie.

Too many weirdnesses without shame
without shape, i have nothing to say.
Yet on i the movie

the problem with education is that it has no end.
The problem with ignorance is that it cant be
recognized without.

Particles of nature sting my mote
and scare it away, if only for a time.
When i look again it is only a thought
i see, and the wind carries away my seed.
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