May 2003 / Volume Four / Issue Two
Tony R. Meda
Nadia Comaniece
was my favorite gymnast
at about the same time that
I thought Flamingo Kid
was Matt Dillon’s finest
back in junior high
I loaned a videotape
of Nadia and Flamingo Kid
to a girl
one video
with both movies
Romania and the Cabana Boy
that tape was never given back to me

Sandy Wiece
was my favorite “older” girl
she had me beat by a grade
she had nice legs
and a winning smile
back in junior high
I would call her and hang up the phone
me, nervous, short, approaching 70 lbs.
she played soccer
one time she wore a sweater
with a skier on it
I managed to cop a hug
she would have returned that videotape
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