May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
Jason Floyd Williams
incomplete metamorphosis.

His daily medication count
was 37 pills.
That was 37 different pills
to deal w/ Diabetes, High blood-pressure,
bad liver, depression, etc.
Some pills were just on
the list to balance the
after-effects, the body's seismic
utterances, to pioneering tablets.

So his golden-days became one long
run-on sentence, a traffic blur,
a winter storm.

The new holidays that broke
the monotonous-stream were
Doctors' visits & the prompt
assignment of
better pills.

The meds made him a jerk.
Altered his behaviors, manufacturing
a Lifetime mini-series based on
Jekyll & Hyde.

But he's always been an ass.
At the brown banana age of 77,
he's managed to segregate all
of his friends & nearly all of
his family.

Almost everyone but his wife.

It didn't suprise me when
she called & told me he
had turned into a
large multi-vitamin.

He was just a 230lb pill
laying next to the couch.

I was the one that
suggested we move him
onto the front lawn &
put-up the 25 cent
vitamin drink sign.

You just have to bring
your own glass.
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