Issue III
Volume VI
Cover Art
Brian Fugett
John Thomas Menesini
Little Girls With Scraped Knees
Dog Eared Baseball Bubblegum Cards
July 4 Canker Sore

Christopher Cussat
An Interlude in Wyalusing
Something, Perhaps About Love

Bill White
environmentalist nightmare

Mike Boyle
Aspiring to the higher self
It felt like a sunday

Amanda Oaks
30 dollars worth of groceries, heavy, like my baggage
the habitual carousing of merriment

Kristine Ong-Muslim

J.D. Nelson
drowning in octopus ink

Damion Hamilton
Morning Rush Hour
A strange Place

Brian McGettrick
he Strips The Poor Dark With Her Fine Hand
An Appeal To An Incident or Just How
Quick It Can Go Wrong      

Lisa LaTourette
warning for Mr. Smith
car fire

Mather Schneider
Night Terrors
Mell's Story
One Nibble On Your Wrist

Joel Van Noord
Inside Out

Christina Delia
Restless Soul on a Sexless Night

Miguel Garcia
t.v. show
sunday morning
blood in the water

Chris D'Errico
Of Ants & Sycophants

Through the Window of a Neon

George Anderson
Strip Search
Swallowing It
Organ Recital
J.J. Campbell
the reason to push this existence into the future
my father's sentiments on my 18th birthday

Greg Scharf
Mean Little Bastard
Among the Hunted in Huntington Beach, California


Mike Estabrook
the picture window in the family room
What Bill Moyers Forgot to Ask
(I have mowed many lawns in my life,
I have cut a mountain of grass)
12 Chilcote Street, Barry Docks, Wales

Dawn Mungovan
What would You Do?

Shane Allison
Next to the Last
Looking for Jasmin

Willie Smith

Dan Provost
Van Zandt

James Babbs
Every Month My Father
Point of View
Dream #110

Daniel S. Irwin
My Day In Court

Joe Wilson

Cynthia Ruth Lewis
Fortune Cookie
Daily Contemplation
Sign Language

Benjamin Rubach
Things That Last

Joseph Lisowski
Kazu's Son

Chris Kornacki

the old woman
empty room

Ashok Niyogi
Blond Hair with Auburn Roots

Jason Floyd Williams
teenagers, these days.
hawaiian spa.
incomplete metamorphosis.