May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
Bill White
environmentalist nightmare

surrounded by terror
Dante has never known
this place.

paper cups filled with
tap water
mounds of
slow roasted
burning tires.

Styrofoam bed sheets
cover mattresses
filled with
women’s disposable leg razors
held together by a
skeletal frame of luscious,
endangered timbers,
indigenous to lands of
screaming jungle natives
and loin cloths.

the mammoth Frigid-air
is stuck on
and the door
won’t close.

a young man
on the couch
watches television all night,
with the sound off,
and the radio
he smokes ferret pelts
out of a bong
filled with oil based tar
and gasoline.

whose clothes are these?
leisure shirts made of
plastic grocery bags
and stitched
with the hair
of the soon to be extinct
Sudanese Wombat.

the ha-rah…the ha-rah…
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