May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
Willie Smith

    Frank Villan, a badass mothafucka, Frank Villan he be drinkin all day comin to town and he pick up and take naked women down to the goddamn floorboard.
    Frank Villan come in the bar juiced and fulla his own juices, and over come Betty, a high yellow lady can suck so bad she choke tornados in a sideshow. She saunter over all hip and elbow and ask the time and he get her under the table in a back booth and he show Betty the time of her dirty life.
    Preachin the sins a forgettin not to be dead and rememberin to drink, eat and screw, Frank Villan come like a sawed-off and Betty thought sure her cunt be becomin St. Peter’s gate.
    And Frank Villan, he get outta the saddle, crawl out from under the table, a sayin, “Shut up with that jesus jive. I need a drink and where’s yr fuckin sister?”
    Frank Villan die on his hands and knees. Old Betty bugger him with a .45 derringer slug.
    Never fuck with a tornado sucker.
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