May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
John Thomas Menesini
Little Girls With Scraped Knees

small town clowns with snuff can rings
on the back pockets of their faded blue jeans
driving around in primer splotched ’82 Camaro’s
past the old mining houses

little girls with scraped knees
and dirty pink blouses
stand beside the old back roads
holding hairless
nude baby dollies
whose eyes won’t blink anymore
and the plastic is scraped
from small pieces of cinder
still embedded

out a’past the rotted front porch
in the crabgrass yard
sit rusted remains of bicycles,
cars, and a child’s swingset

the sun is still golden
even on the nettles
and broken glass
in the abandoned
overgrown lot
that used to be the town pool
in the 1950’s
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