July 2006/Volume Seven/Issue Two
Eddie Kilowatt
A Stork from a Vulture

I used to live with these three women.
things weren't too bad,
but there were days
you just didn't go home.

One of them found herself a boyfriend-
some guy who was some girl's cousin.
It had to be atleast a month
before they said they loved each other.

He already had two kids
from two different women.
my roommate said he was always insecure
about his "size."

I told her to watch out for guys like that.
all they want to do
is use their women
to prove the thing works.

Babies are pretty good proof.
She got knocked up
and a few months later
I lived with four women.

So, there we were.
I'd have a girl over,
getting some 7 am stink breath lovin,
and I'd hear that baby start to cry.

I liked that kid, I really did,
but it's hard to like anyone
when they turn your hard-on into
limp apologies.

The father stopped over once,
a few months later.

I said, "Hey man,
when's this kid gonna spend some time at your house?
You had all the fun making her,
now I got the shitty diapers and 6 am wake up-what gives?"

He didn't say much. 
He didn't stay very long.
He never came back again.
and I always felt just fine being Uncle Eddie.