c o n t e n t s
Note f/the Editor
Linda Wandt

Delorne Hatcher
Turning Left at Cotopaxi Colorado

Graham Nunn
My Earliest Sin

Keith Wood
Veteran's Day

John Sweet
the hours, pressing down
explaining the bleeding horse
like sugar for the blood

Stephanie White
One more way to go out

M. Frias-May
Stalking in Juarez

Casandra Coin
Laughter is contagious...

Eddie Kilowatt
A Stork from a Vulture
some things
I hope you know

Ray Brown
sonnets of destruction

James Babbs
Culvers, Tuesday Evening

Rae Dachenbach
bed-pans on the counter
the city

J.J. Campbell
the towel

Jonathan Hayes
After the Ballgame
The Blue Rose

Dave Hemmings

Tom Hamilton
Dream of Love
Fake Tattoos

Lynn Strongin
Washing Wednesday is Done

Ray Succre
A Thursday for Everything

Rebecca Leah Schumejda
We haven't made love...

Jacob McArthur Mooney
A Guide to Drinking in the Rain

Steven Minchin
[...Only a Casual Concern...Lunatic]

Miguel Garcia
A real job

Andrew Aulino
After the End on the Tracks
The Long Wait

Juliet Powys
White Clothes

David Thompson
The Music in the Background
When I'm Trying to Sleep

Tracie McBride
Quarter Acre Paradise
A Walk In My Neighborhood
Carnal Knowledge

George Anderson
Mr Crane

Jacob Rakovan
your eyes in muddy boots and footsore...

Jason Floyd Williams
cut down the trees & name roads after them.
motherís day.
customer service.
keep that diaphram in, or the early days.