July 2006/Volume Seven/Issue Two
Miguel Garcia
A real Job

today at work someone died
gunned down in the parking lot

for some reason i didn't care,
it was far away but less then 50 yards from me
didn't really click i guess,

but then some of the cooks said,
"he was an asshole."
he got what he deserved..."
that's when i wanted to see the body
i wanted to know who was so bad
he deserved to be gunned down
in front of his kids

nobody inside knew it happened
we didn't hear anything
a woman walked up to the counter
said there was a gun shot
and asked for the address of the store
laura handled it and i went on delivery
laura saw the body said his legs were crossed
i imagine him on his back
fat and hairy
       like most of the single fathers

unlike most of the single fathers
he was always hassling about his food
how it was cooked, when was it going to be ready
that made him an asshole,
                 got what he deserved

his kids sat in the office in shock
until kyle, my boss
           his wife took them home

i cleaned up his blood
the witness and his kids
had tracked it in
it lead from the front door
to the counter and the office

this friend of mine says when it's getting late
       she has to get up early,
       she has a real job
by implication my job is fictional
because she deals with life and death every day
well today a man was shot dead
     in front of his kids
he was a regular and nobody liked him
i got to clean up his blood
i guess i have a real job too.