May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
J. J. Campbell
the reason to push this existence into the future

another night spent
wondering about life

imagining a stranger's hand
wrapped around my cock
instead of my own for the
30th time this week

it's tuesday night by the way

where are the beautiful women

where's the joy, the laughter
the reason to push this
existence into the future

hell, where the fuck
are my fifteen minutes

and with my last drink,
i let the bottle hit the floor
to collect with the others

say something to myself
in a passing conversation
about wanting to meet the
fucker trying to come up
with these storybook endings

and no sooner than the words
hit the dirty air of my room
did i catch a glimpse of
myself in the mirror

i promptly stood up
and opened the window

let the cool air brush up
against my body

then i took the mirror
and threw it out the window

with the crashing of the
glass i shut the window
and went to bed

i shall sleep easy tonight

happy to know
i'll never have
to see that fucker
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