May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
Shane Allison
Looking for Jasmin

She woke me up
Screaming like she was crazy
I canít find her, I canít find Jasmin.
You seen her, have you seen her?

She searched every room,
Stomping through the den,

The blue and white kitchen,
The dining room with the beige stained carpet.
A little girl is lost, a grandmamma frantic in the house.
Iím wiping sleep out of my eyes stung by the sun
I help her look: check outside in the driveway,
In the garage, behind endless bags of winter clothes.

Jasmin, Jasmin, where you at?
I found her; I got her
, Ma yells from inside.
Where was she, I asked. She was in my bathroom
About to flush my dentures down the toilet.
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