May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
Miguel Garcia
t.v. show

it was her favorite t.v. show that did it
i tried to ignore it but my heart had already picked up speed
   and i knew it was still there
                 on channel 2

i had to leave
    any where some where
where i couldn't be found

but i brought my cell phone
cause i wanted her to find me

to hear her distant, cold,
sorrowful voice
the one i can't stand to hear
    cause it always skins me

there's a storm on the horizon
and i feel like i'm following death
in the black nissan in front of me

change the channel
            stevie ray vaughn
                             the skies is crying

it won't stop
it won't stop
it's vibrating through
my bones like lightening

my knees are weak but i can't stop moving

she won't talk to me
but she'll call
after her favorite show

i keep wandering around
in circles
scratching at the exposed bedrock

disaster permeates everything
    i'm afraid
the wind is picking up
it's getting darker
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