March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Miguel Garcia
mardi gras

she wasn't particularly attractive
not particularly ugly
but with the men gawking and laughing
she looked a little like a cow
she raised her shirt
and everyone stepped in for a better look
she was laughing

someone with a camcorder stopped to
film the seen as it was

then some waste of birth-pains
shoved the woman at the leering animals
who really can't get enough
with their hands copping, groping, fondling
her plump bosom

mister camcorder rushes in

and grabs a tit

suddenly a friend rushes in
and jerks her out of the mob
screaming obscenities and throwing punches
she hugs the woman
who's still laughing

walking her away (drunk) they sort of go in a circle
comforting her she keeps hugging the girl
who just keeps laughing