May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
Miguel Garcia
blood in the water

i love you
but some times when i look at you baby
      i just want to plunges my thumbs
into your eye sockets
pluck out those orbs and suck on them

and sometimes when i'm watching
you sleep
i just get the raging urge to
kick you in the head
for saying you look fat

does it hurt when we're eating dinner
and i'm imagining myself
throttling you?
       cause i'm sort of sorry about that

O' but the first time we made love
  we had so much to drink
and i know, we both said we couldn't
remember what happened
i've got a secret to confess
i had some ruffes that night

and the night i came home
the lights were dimmed
and you were in the bath tub
with roses and incense candles and champagne;
the visions of shoving your head under water
till the kicking stopped
gave me such a hard on

that when i was pulling your hair
and gnawing at your neck
as water slashed to the
romantic floor

i knew
         you had a knife
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