Volume VI
Issue I
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Strapped in leather
Debbie Kirk
Pennies are still money
A good way to die
Justin Barrett
november morning
welcome to the jungle
the Big Crunch
Mike Estabrook
Linda was in my dream last night
a tiny black beetle
Kent Gowran
Solitary Phantom
Skeletons in the Headlights
Jonathan Hayes
Chris Kornacki
"you've got vomit on your shirt"
job hunting
juxtaposition downtown at a patio bar
Liz LynnMiller
At the Container Deposit Redemtion Site
Anthony Liccione
Lisa LaTourette-Pershan
rain-drenched outlaw dreams
Nathan Graziano
Billy in the Hot Tub
Owen Roberts
John Menesini
Political Science Fiction
Aubrey Wrenn
Ladders; Attempt D
Scott Taylor
amorphous mumbling
Chris Major
Michael Internicola
My Saturday
Talk Radio Jive
Linda Wandt
The Toughest Kid
Hoping Iíll never beg you to kill me
Shane Allison
What I Remember About Jarret
Greg Scharf
Temp Job #3
There's an Easy Explaination for Everything
When I was a dumb teenager without condoms at a drive-in
Not Everyone Finds Your Child Cute and Adorable
R.M. Engelhardt
What Matters
Willie Smith
Zero Pop
Saturday Morning Mass Murder Drill
Miguel Garcia
C. Allen Rearick
Plotting a Course
Kristine Ong Muslim
Road Crew
Ralph Baker
Voluntary My Ass!
You'd Think They Don't Speak Polari Anymore
A Collage of Every Time I See Vincent
D.B. Cox
House of Cards
Ray Cuernava
Requiem for the Dearly Departed
Matt Smith
Crack Cocaine
Shining in the Dirt
Love Phillip
jimmy stewart threatened my life today
the chiggers are bad at my mothers place
Cliff Coats
Memorial Day
Kathleen Paul-Flanagan
I'm No Soccer Mom
Doug Draime
Near the Border Line
Leaving the Coast of Georgia
Harold Bowes
Wearing Flip Flops
Tony R. Meda
monday nights
Jason Floyd Williams
ants & generals.
modern health-care.
less important things.
foreign policy is the name of the show.