September 2002 / Volume Three / Issue One
Jason Floyd Williams
the most human.

Pedro was a shaman
of the Calebra tribe,
near the Amazon.

The tribe shared everything:
the animals they killed,
a 200lb log carried in
a baton-like race, and women.
A bunch of polygamists.

Pedro got pissed when
he saw his wife going to
join the men in
their snake-winding dance–
a ritual meant to introduce
boys into adulthood.

50 guys for 6 girls.

Pedro grabbed her before
she joined the dance
a second time,
smacked her around a bit.

The chief said he was
too influenced by the civilized.

It really bothered them.

I get jealous all the time.

A lingered pause between
a customer & a waitress I like.
A man on the sidewalk,
his wife, their kids, their dogs.

Jealous that you’ve been
w/ the same guy for
3yrs & he still
hasn’t given ya a ring

And jealous ‘cause you
love him for it.
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