January 2001 / Volume Two / Issue One
Jason Floyd Williams
bad day for beetles.

When my grandfather was
in love, he wanted
to be reincarnated as a
Japanese beetle.
"All they do is fuck & die.
Not bad."
Today, tie's plucking 'em off
Hollyhock leaves and
tossing them into a soup can
of gas.

Earlier, Morgan told me
I was a large container of
variety nuts.
Not just a cashew,
but the whole legume family.
All because I said her
mother still had a good shape.

A week before, Morgan & I
had laid in my truck-bed
groping an' grazing beneath
a black velvet sky.
Saw Frank Wright's Falling Waters,
thought about Morgan, me and St. Croix.
A good time.
Now I'm a nut.

Two Japanese beetles
I tossed into the can are climbiing
onto a tiny leaf,
like the unlucky passengers
on a romantic cruise.

I give it a shake.
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