March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Jason Floyd Williams
barflies in watering-holes.

"Sometimes the [butterfly] males simply
perch where they are likely to find a female–
near a stream, for example–  and fly out
aggressively whenever anything resembling a female
comes along."  Butterflies  pgs. 26, 29

I told her that there's a couple jobs
I hoped she'd avoid: strip-clubs,
Korean massage parlors, & bartending.

"Why bartending?" she asked.

"You can go into any bar w/ a good-lookin
bartender & see 5-7 lonely men sittin
in a row.

And all these guys know the small details
of your life & about me.
And if we have a fight one night,
you can bet they'll be swarming
w/ consolations & sympathy.
And they'll fill your ears
w/ Cinderella tales if you
were their's.
And, maybe, one night, if you
heard this spew often enough,
you just might begin to believe it."