October 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Five
Jason Floyd Williams
ah, the memories.

We were the Our Gang tv competitors
featurin' Lil Lee Harvey, Tiny Jesse James
& Short-stuff John Dilinger.
Our 1st grade class:
the early rough-houses,
the pioneering hoodlums,
the broken Etch-A-Sketches.

Take for instance, Robert D.
He was a caricature for himself
at the age of 52.
The oldest lookin' kid I've ever seen.

He was the 1st boy to smoke,
probably to drink, to get laid, &
the 1st to get stabbed in the
chest w/ a pencil.

Billy T., a quiet Cosby kid that was
involved in the school band, shoved
that pencil into Bob's skinny chest
in 9th grade.
I never knew what it was about,
I only remember it nearly hit
his heart.