January 2004 / Volume Five / Issue One
NOTE: This poem is divided into two parts. Click ">" at the bottom of this page to access the next.
Jason Floyd Williams
strain theory.

“According to strain theory, when juveniles experience
strain or stress, they become upset, and they sometimes engage
in delinquency as a result”     Agnew.

Part 1.

Freud said our
second expulsion from Paradise
occurs when we’re
weaned from
our mothers.

At age three–
already upset w/the
weaning-bit– my
grandmother Janet came
to where I was playing w/some
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome idea
in a clothes-basket &
emptied all my toys
into pinata puddles on
the floor.

I just remember this
vinegar / baking-powder,
volcano-diorama eruption
of anger as I scrambled outside, yanked
her pants down, and
took a bite outta
her ass.

My mother and uncle
had to pull
me off.

Part 2.

The Norse Sisters of Fate
had arranged for me
to be drunk, 23 yrs later, w/my friends
& complaining about my
one of ‘em, this
Dune Sandworm / human pieces, parts,
DNA lot won
on E-Bay;
this unruly, mad child
of Tor from
Plan 9
was plopped on a
dining-room chair
across from me.

He gets up, a body
pronounced dead w/
different ideas, and
gargantuans towards me &
gives me the best
bitch-slap I’ve
ever received.

I pull the matador-bitten-by-the-bull
act & encourage
‘im to charge w/multiple
flip-booking of middle fingers.