January 2005 / Volume VI / Issue I
Jason Floyd Williams

foreign policy is the name of the show.

The Diaster family, a current
amalgamation of the Kennedys courting
the Lost in Space clan, experiences
a slew of natural/social catastrophes–
whether it is an avalanche, earthquake, volcano,
civil war, uprisings, etc.–  in each adventure
& they have the myopic juggler’s
tendency to lose a family member
each episode.
Say, grandmother burns her legs
to candle stubs in molten lava;
the second cousin is beheaded
in a widdling mistake; the dog is
used as accidential bait to catch
a 100ft giant squid.

These reverse, bad-luck Noahs.
These poor Burgess Merediths
in The Twilight Zone.

That’s how the series goes.
Until they're all that’s left.