January 2004 / Volume Five / Issue One
Jason Floyd Williams
cooking class.

At the ages of
5 & 7, they were
snatching dining-room chairs
from their natural habitats
& using them as
step-ladders to reach
the stove.

One burned hamburgers
while the other kid harvested
flower bulbs in
the backyard for
an appetizer.

Their mother was oblivious
to the lonely 2lb box of rice
in the cupboard or
the rotting, groundmeat brain
in the fridge.

The U.S. Armed Survival Manual talks
about the human Spirit’s need
to survive:
“Our bodies are highly complex machines,
yet even when subjected to the most
harsh & degrading conditions, the will
to live can sustain the living process.”

The mother did eventually
realize that she wasn’t the one
ruining skillets, and
sent a co-worker from
Red Lobster to explain
to the kids the differences
between rare and done.

He used the burns on his arm
as a flow-chart.
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