January 2004 / Volume Five / Issue One
Linda Wandt
Tues night

At my first open mic in several months
Missed it, even though I don’t like much of the stuff.
Perhaps I’m one of those horrible
atmosphere junkies.
Walk into the bathroom,
this woman follows right behind,
small like me.
Two stalls, I gently poke the door of each
both swing in a little
I go into the smaller one, latch the door.
“You know,” the woman drawls next door
and I remember that I’m in Texas,
“When I was pregnant I got so big I just always used
the handicapped stall.”
I pause mid zip. Say nothing.
“I weighed almost 250 pounds.”
She gets my sudden surprised response
“Holy shit. How big was your baby?”
“7 and a half pounds.” She says with pride.
I want to say, that’s not much, I weighted almost 9
but then I remember
I think anything larger
than a cock
is too big.
“I had no problem getting a divorce after that.” She says.
We both laugh loud and real, like two divorced women.
Which we were.
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