April 1998 / Volume One / Issue Two
Vladimir Swirynsky
Las Vegas

Nine hours of sitting atthe Carribean stud table
Hour after hour they come, lose two or three
or four hundred then leave
The money means nothing to them-- Twenty-five
dollar chips nothing more than gum drops
They don't play to win, it's all ego,
all show, to be fashionably insecure
I shout out to the crowd--
Hey I'm still here, After all these years
I'm here and I'm beating Vegas

It's four a.m.-- I don't care for any of the dealers,
they have nothing to lose
I am the one who is gambling
A hundred and Eighty dollars ahead
Outside I reach for my last quarter,
A couple of homeless people waiting around
Five days in Vegas-- I look at them, caged in my
own greed put my last quarter in, hit nothing!
Hand in pocket holding my winnings,
I say--
Sorry guys, that was my last quarter
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