January 2001 / Volume Two / Issue One
Carly Sachs
Vindy Picnic

i carefully picked out two plums at the grocery store because
william carlos williams immortalized them
you grabbed the potato chips because
you were a math major
you called me your girlfriend
i said i didn't know what to call you, but
i promised i would call
when i asked you to catch me, you said
uh-uh, told me that i had to fight my own battles
still, i opened the car door for you
i thought it was the chivalrous thing to do, especially
since you bought the bagels
when you asked me where i'd be when i graduated
i wanted to say your arms
instead i rattled off a whole bunch of far away places
like Israel and new york because
i didn't want to sound too attached
i figured that sometimes
even poets need to be logical
you said you'd write one big equation about the park
i wanted to tell you that not everything has a sum
still i wanted to see what
kind of thing you would come up with
you're not the only calculating one though
when i said i was cold at bear's den,
i was lying
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