January 2001 / Volume Two / Issue One
Carly Sachs

I want to wrap your naked body around me like talisim
crown you my king David

Penetrate me by rebuilding my body
spread my arms, press flat against me

Put yourself inside me
lie still

Let my pulse resound in the hollows of your body
now let the conversation begin

We will sway
deliberately like wings of butterflies

First just the edges of our folds and tips
skim across my body like a pebble tossed in a well

Until my body swallows yours

Then place petals of sage and rose across my breasts and legs
and give me a bracha

And if you will let me
I will crucify you

Bind you to the bedposts with my sins
and you will give me yours

Together we will drink each other's blood from the chalice
let me take communion from your lips

I will grow like ivy around your limbs
we will make love with the window open

Letting each other's gods blow across our bodies
until there is nothing but one.
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