January 2004 / Volume Five / Issue One
Tom O'Connell
Where Does it Get You?

Acknowledging that you have
A favorite shirt is only
One step away

From pep talks to the mirror
While shaving or singing
Into a hairbrush,

Which can only lead
To sulking on the outskirts
Of a party, while sifting

Through the hostís record
Collection, trying to find a
Song, which reflects your mood

Or showing off a razor
Blade you keep wrapped
In duct tape and tucked

In your wallet while sitting
Between stone pillars, which
Mimic an architectural style

You cannot name, until
Wish you had been invited
To go skinny dipping

Out at the reservoir, which
You confess sitting in the
Deserted museum courtyard

Hoping to get caught in the
Flashlight beam of a university
Cop who comes to rouse

You, and you claim to want to call
A lawyer and proceed to rip the phone,
Which only connects to the dorm
Rooms, from its post and the
University cop reaches for your
Shirt and you let him grab it

So that you can resist and
Watch buttons as they
Scatter across the courtyard

Left, to be collected the following
Day by school children at
The museum for a class trip.
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