December 1998 / Volume One / Issue Three
Tony R. Meda
Finding the Worm

Six shots
In a gun
Bang! Bang!
Give me
Another one
Maybe it was more
But this has
Only happened
Four times before
In a seven year period
"I hate all of you!"
Os so I spoke
"Especially the Arm!"
Sadam Husseins ass
Was rocked
And so was mine
Viva! Las Vegas!
Lost wages hey!
Called off work
This has made me sicker
To be a thin man
Lying in the grass
I found comfort
In my zone
Somehow I made it home
I heard running
I heard thumping
And all I saw
Was spinning
Stand up sit down
Blueberry spaghetti
Bagel sauce water
Two more Advil's
My head is an anvil
I work at ACME
And I don't mean
The Warners
Slice slice slice
From thick to
Thin sometimes medium
They make me shave
Hours of sleep
Decided to walk
Came back blonde
Bumped into mom
Hugged and kissed
And said
"Look mom, I'm an orange!"
And she said
"Anthony, you're hungover"
And I said
"Six shots in a gun
I get my gun Tuesday"
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