January 2001 / Volume Two / Issue One
Tony R. Meda
Conceptual Affairs
Our knees lock and my pen begins to write
Almost 500 days since the conception
And I still keep the moment with me
A simple plan to see the blues
Another secret that has been kept
Finally ended because of perfect timing
The areas of seclusion are no longer
Visiting my old neighborhood
Seeing the visible changes
All that can be done is remembrance
Bringing strangers to their new home
Waking up in different beds at incorrect hours
Sacrificing relationships
The past does come back in greater numbers
This is not an exit
Only a return
And then it all starts to replay
To distribute details is futile
To drive dealt out whiskey
The drunken spins will never go away
Others manage to escape and succeed
A simple test of knowledge that cannot be acquired
Things will never be admitted, they will remain hidden
Eyes forever glossy and thoughts twisted
Our knees unlock and my pen waits for next time
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