September 2002 / Volume Three / Issue One
Amanda McGuire
Lunchtime-At the Gym

At lunchtime the gym is devoid
of people   empty like my stomach
bouncing a hallow tennis ball
against other organs tissues perhaps bone
Dana and I pedal the elliptical machine
discuss how gross it is that most beer brands
filter their hops through cow bones   Nardella
told us that yesterday at lunch at Maxwellís
on High Street   I forgot what Rolling Rock
uses but itís not bones   Normally
I drink Miller Lite or LaBatt
but Iím going to switch   I tell Dana
and she agrees   When the hum of the machines
replace our voices I obsess my lunch options
Fast food: Arbyís potato cakes
Hardeeís   six buck burger for $3.99
    or Rich food:   Filet Mignon   in some French wine
sauce I canít pronounce from Madelineís on Spruce
    or Mexican food:   bean burritos rice guac chips salsa

from Rio Grande in Sabraton
Dana and I switch to the treadmill
Still there are no other workout comrades
to gawk at or distract my hunger pains
I decide I will eat at home
a salad of lettuce carrots tomatoes
no cheese   no dressing
that way I stand a better chance of being skin and
I drink from Danaís Nalgene pretend itís food
On the way out of the Rec center Dana and I
agree lunchtime is a safe time to swim
in the pool surrounded by windows
No one is there to see
us in our bathing suits
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