January 2001 / Volume Two / Issue One
Caroline Gupton

I want you to talk to me.
I want you to talk to me as if what I think doesn't matter to you;
I want to hear what you really have to say.
No patronizing,
no political correctness,
no saccharine to mask the bitterness.
Don't insult me by assuming a weak, conditioned mind
lies beneath my skull.
Pummel my brain with raw, unprocessed thoughts.
Crash into my consciousness
and open fire.
Assault my mind, ambush my values,
violate the very foundation of my ethics–
and I shall retaliate.
In this, most terrible and intimate battle,
  if we are worthy opponents, if we are honorable in our brutality,
blood well spent, then
  we may pass together into that
elusive plane where fugitives from a smothering society
hack off the shackles of
social mores and religious restraints–
and relate.
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