August 2001 / Volume Two / Issue Two
Caroline Gupton

I want out
I want to get out in the fresh air
I have been locked away too long
and my brain has grown fat
I need to shake and rattle
this rusty cage until it crumbles away

I shall roam like a beast
escaped from the familiar bars
of the traveling circus cage
I shall be amazed and aroused
at the fear in the eyes of those
who tremble to meet me on the street
for they have only known me
in my cage

I shall trespass upon well-manicured
lawns and feed on small pets
savor the blood on my lips and tongue
and let it stain my chin red
My brain shall grow lean with my
body and I shall steal away into the night
disappear into its darkness
and these city streets will only be
a fleeting nightmare in my sleep
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