January 2004 / Volume Five / Issue One
Larry D. Griffin

Ah yes, sunny Mexico.
It is.  The people are
wonderfully friendly.

I think the same about the French.
I thought the same about the Italians.
I never think about the Germans.

I never mind making a complete
fool of myself trying to speak
in the other languages.

I loved lounging in the hot
well-fed series of covered pools
at La Escondido, and the road
from San Miguel to Guanajuato!

The two-hour drive was a rather twisty,
turny, guardrail-less, mountainous
two-lane climb to the most
European of all Mexican cities.

The man I was with?
He fears old age as much,
if not more than I fear death.
He looks in the mirror many

times each day while running
his fingers through . . . his
ever-greying hair.  Hes not
vain, just unsure hes present.

Hasta babe,
she says as
she hurries out the door.
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