January 2004 / Volume Five / Issue One
Casandra Coin
Come Full Circle

I was at ease, but territorial,
sprawled and vulnerable.
I had a go
on dilapidated goldenrod fuzz.

Years ago, hovering over you,
my coarse tendrils licked our faces.
I caressed you gently
before taking you whole in my mouth

with more reverence than a communion wafer.

quickly throbbing
near explosion
Id have helped myself on
and rode until you gasped and quivered.

Your mouth formed a perfect "O".

Fumbling through lovemaking
that first time,
I remember your face
beautifully strange
in twisted surprise,
somehow calmed. 

I thought you must be angelic
this is not exaggerated.

You were the angel
captured under me
and between my thighs. 

Cherubic rosiness commanded your cheeks
and those arched lips were
all the evidence needed.

I imagined this haunted bliss
lasting forever.
5 years later,
I am here
legs open
cavernous ache filling me
alone on your ratty couch
rubbing myself to absolution.
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