August 2001 / Volume Two / Issue Two
Diana Cleveland
We lay on the trampoline underneath stars swapping questions
And you ask me what color I am
Like I'm one
You see I'm purple and blue interchangeable
Holographic swirls on your minds eye
Black light responsive hanging on your ceiling
Like a
Rainbow in the middle of the day
moon eclipse grays
I'm the color of fire before the water hits
spitting like camels that glow in
the middle of the night
Orange and black stripes grr baby
I got your red light special right here
Black leather for your tie me up tie me up beat me down mentality
Lets go baby blue eyes, with peaches and cream
Skinned knees in the afternoon sun
Flower yellow stars that shine right before
dawn breaks through your
Glassy marble clear hearts and gray flowers in my hands
as I reach out to touch
you when we lay beneath the stars
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