August 2001 / Volume Two / Issue Two
Diana Cleveland
And she's just a bit of a girl
A few bones thrown together with blood and tissue
I'll miss you
You'll say as she walks over you
Don't mistake her for being weak
She'll kick your ass any day
She's a punk ass bitch
With eyes of a fallen angel
And I feel myself falling
Falling into something I cannot and will not believe in
Somewhere between life and lust and what was lost
But yet found
She's on her own religion
Beyond peripheral vision
She's stuck between a rock and a hard place
But I think she likes it that way
She's screaming in silence
Like the good little martyr
Never see her break
And she's dying to save his tortured soul
Turn his frown upside down with something she can't find anymore
Confusion rains on her already broken umbrella
Chilled to the bone
And she's shaking, aching for something
Stuck between leaving and staying
The world's waiting
She'll step out on stage
Can't rain on her parade
Cause she's a flame
Fire caught unchanged
Gasoline poured on chaos
An idealistic girl full of ambitions and ammunition
Go ahead and bend over and kiss your ass goodbye
She's gonna blow you away
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