April 1998 / Volume One / Issue Two
Chris Bunsey

I'm looking at The Quad Bulletin Board-- "This Week On Campus"
The Philosophy Club is hosting a debate
          on "The Good, the Bad, and the Expedient."
The Little Theatre Society is holding auditions for
A Doll's House.
Next to The Film Society's campy poster for
Triumph of the Will
Is the strident poster for "WOMEN FOR WOMEN"--
I look at the slashing letters and the upraised fist,
And, once again, I try to imagine myself a woman,
          with a baby in her womb,
          who strongly believes the baby should not be born.
Two guys stop behind me and look at the board.
"'Women for Women'? What's 'at shit supposed ta mean?"
"Fuck if I know."
I look at the time and place for the debate
           On "The Good, the Bad, and the Expedient."
           ("8:00PM. Friday.")
"Dja tell Audry she oughta go to that abortion rights thing?"
"She doesn't wanna go. Says she's not sure if abortion's right."
           ("Humanities Wing. Large Lecture Room.")
"So whaddya gonna do?"
"Fuck if I know."
           (I look at the slashing letters on the WOMEN FOR
                                                              WOMEN poster.)
"Ya told her ya didn't want the kid, right?"
"Yeh, I told her. And I told her if she wants to see me around any more,
           she's gotta get rid of it."
           ("OUR BODIES!!!")
"So she gonna do it or what?"
"Yeh, she's gonna do it. I just gotta talk to her more.
          Shit, I'll even give her the money."
          ("OUR CHOICE!!!")
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