January 2003 / Volume Four / Issue One
Paul Brown
Sparkling Diamonds

Shitheal, dogbreath, emotions; crap cramping my stile.
Arboreal interest in Slavic-creatures dumps Hellenistic
mythologies on my doorstep.
Vocational training in the art of sandwich making gives pleasure senses a day off.
Equatorial ladder seen from stairway to heaven North of the 44th parallel is obscene.
T. H. Lawrence is no longer available to play the role of Jim Dean in 'Tokillamocker"
Here we must ask ourselves if we want fries with our order or an apple pie?
Exit stage right. After building an empire Alexander died. Bad planning: part 2.
Watchers and Watchers galore, read in these pages the muck as gestates legends.
Here we must heal the sick and flash fry the wounded before they can recover.
Again;We are all that we are, are all we shall ever be. Next week:Bulfinch's surprise.
Leftover cheese melting in the holocaust of a gnu clear mel t down is as healthy as
Episcopal sermons on the monkey wrench being left or right handed, good book not
Standing with arms outstretched toward the heavens, pledge to press on, goodnight.
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