January 2001 / Volume Two / Issue One
Paul Brown

Jelly bean smear across the seat back of the Chevrolet.
Entropy delayed at cost of a single cigarette.
Next level reached by flight of stars and stairs to bleacher seats.
Now we know what it was our teachers never wanted to share.
I blow you a kiss in the moonlight. Ever will it fall,
Faster for the lightness of the breeze, to those lips divine.
Eros Aeros arrow straight, from a thousand miles or more,
Return the affection felt in the early hours of spring.

Mouse brown hair and a pension for the dramatic holds her
Oh so close to the center of my heart. Five foot rule should
Slay this mongrel man who hungers for her perfection. If
Counting the ways to her heart is bohemic, be it so,
Old and rare, soft and sweet, as the jelly beans split on a
Soft summer night in a Chevrolet bound for New Orleans.
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