September 2002 / Volume Three / Issue One
Paul Brown
“its either sadness or euphoria” said Leander...
At last. At last the words may flow.  Gray and imposing, the edge recedes from the shore.  Fear is still present and danger
has yet to pass, but it is a manageable fear and
danger is a relative thing.  Reason and light flow as
scented water before my mind. Garbled, incoherent,
words of panic escape, and I smile; nothing is going
to harm me.  I am safe.  In the fabric of my life, in
the furnace of my fire, I go gentle into night and
fear not the approaching hand of debt.  The Lord is a shepherd, who shall not want, as lions lay down with lambs.  Is it enough
to break against the rocks... as conquering Hero leaves the room.
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